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Why sell with The Dreamers?

  • No CVR'S and price tag musts

  • No Central checkouts

  • No Commissions at all

  • Perfect locations with high foot traffic

  • Very supportive community

What is the process after I send my application?

By submitting your application, you are taking the first step in our team reviewing your brand and interest in the Dreamers Markets. This DOES NOT GUARANTEE your spot at the Market and does not mean you are accepted to the Market. Please allow our team the review process and you will hear from us with your acceptance or denial email.

How do I apply & submit the payment?

  1. Fill out our online Vendor application.

  2. Accepted Sellers will be invoiced for their booth fee which will need to be submitted within 48 hours of being accepted. If full payment is not received within 48 hrs, you will forfeit your spot and will be bumped to the waitlist. Payment options are available for invoices over $210 + as well as all invoices are non-refundable, non-transferrable, non-exchangeable under any circumstances.

  3. For Tustin / El Camino Plaza events; after the payment you should also submit Tustin Business License in order to be your application completed. The details will be send in the approval email. (Original Annual Fee of License is $25.00, pro-rated as of July 1- $12.50, pro-rated as of October 1- $6.25 + $4 State Fee)                                                                                                                                                         

  4. This license is required by the City Of Tustin and is for all the vendors that want to sell within Tustin. You can use this license until the end of the year and no need to re-apply for the next markets you will join.  VERY EASY TO APPLY, for help and instructions CLICK HERE

  5. Food vendors are need to have TFF (Temporary Food Facility) Permit from OC Health along with the Tustin Business License. 

How much are the Fee for spaces?


TUSTIN / El Camino PLaza

4'x6' Table Space (umbrella's are accepted) - $80

10'x10' Pre-packaged Food Canopy Space - $105

10'x10' Non-Food Canopy Space - $105

Non-food Truck Space (longer than 11') - $120

10'x10' 2 Brand Shared Canopy Space - $125

Food Truck Space - $140

IRVINE / Trade Marketplace

ONLY! 4'x6' Table Space (no umbrella needed) - $105

Please revise that we don't provide any canopy, umbrella, electricity or shelfs. Vendors are responsible for their set-up materials.

What you should agree?

 By applying as a vendor below, you are agreeing to all the terms below:

- I acknowledge that I am required to pay my SQUARE invoice by the due date in the acceptance email.
- I acknowledge that my spot will be given to the next vendor in line if invoice is not paid on time.
- I acknowledge that the vendor fee is NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of the reason. This is a RAIN OR SHINE event.
- I acknowledge that if the event cannot happen for any reason (at Dreamers Market's discretion), I will be given 2 alternative transfer dates to choose from. If neither work for me, then I will lose my vendor fee.
- I acknowledge that I am responsible for any of my own incidents or injuries that may occur on event day & that Dreamers Market, the venue, nor the landlord are responsible.
- I acknowledge that I will get/got my Tustin Business License, without the valid license and TFF (if requires) I can not attend the event. (No worries, it is a super easy process and we will help you)

- I acknowledge that I am responsible to bring all the materials I would need for my product presentation and booth setup.

- I acknowledge that if I don't show up to the event without early notice or information I will lose my fee for any reason and Dreamers Market has right to cancel my space for further dates.

Please be sure to add hello@dreamersmarkets.com to your address book/safe list to ensure you get the email.

Last but not least; we are here to help your dreams to get real and bigger so let's be it and keep dreaming.
Because we are the Dreamers!
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